Friday, August 23, 2013

A dream takes flight

      If you have a good bike, you must buy a good lock and chain..
 be careful not to loose the key though
 Another kettle of fish altogether !
   My sons new computer! Its called a raspberry pi  So it is not an apple

They were looking for a taxi on the Clontarf road.2 lady's with a baby and a man.
It turned out to be a husband and wife with their baby and his mother in law.
He was Indian looking and his wife was Hungarian and she looked very Irish with beautiful green eyes.

I don't know what it is but many races of people have their own "look"
When you can guess Swedish?or Polish?
you get a great. How did you know?
It is not just done by look or accent either.

I would love if Google would do a"Tribes of the World"
We could compare Korean people for looks with Japanese and then to make a comparison with Tibetan people.
Americans would not count as they are from all over the world...Unless you would compare Navajo to Cheyenne.
Brazilian woman are so good looking, they have a fantastic mix of race which makes them stand out.
They are happy happy people as well.
Today I brought 2 of them to their destinations.
The first was tall with very black hair,at journeys end I asked if she had Greek blood?
"No my father is Portuguese and my mother is Indian"
Though her skin was very pale she had her mothers beautiful eyes for sure.
The second lady was very Hispanic petite with light colored hair a bit like that very famous film star that is in all the movies Penélope Cruz
She came here to learn English as did her sister. Now they are both married to Irish men.
Did you know that the Chinese are the second largest group learning English and the Brazilians are the biggest group. They outnumber the Chinese 2 to 1
Brazilians like Ireland because both nations we like to have fun and we are both very laid back.
She told me that when you are learning a language you are submerging yourself in a culture, our culture suits them best.

Anyhow to get back to my Indian friend.
He dropped off the family at Connolly station and we headed off to the airport..
He told me that he had come to Dublin and worked for Cyclone  couriers for around 7 years...
All that time he was saving up for what was about to happen last Monday.
In the week just past he was sitting his pilots exams in Hungary..
His dreams hopefully by now will be a reality,he will be a fully fledged pilot.

I hope their lives take off from now as there must have been a lot of effort and sacrifice on the road to his final test.

It great when people can shoot for the stars and follow their dreams.

As I said good luck to him a Spanish lady got into my taxi to go back into town .

Happy days

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