Thursday, August 22, 2013

What happens in Vegas

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A friend of mine went to LasVegas and brought me home a bumper sticker.

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas"

Now they say,

"What happens in Vegas stays on Youtube"

In the papers is the story of a young 17 year old girl filmed having sex at a rock concert.
It went viral and she is very upset.

You might remember the story of a group of youths in a taxi..
At journeys end they got out without paying.
One of the guys was identified on the video tape as being in the group (though he got out earlier in the journey)
He was named and came forward
Now the fare was paid but the poor guy who was named had paid the others his share and and he was wronged.
In the effort to clear his name, and to have the video removed from the Internet he went to the courts.
You might think that YouTube would say,
 "Sorry about that we will remove the video today"
No............... writs had to be issued and top gun barristers fought every piece of paper through the courts.

The judge is not pleased with the attitude of the big Internet companies and he has told them so.

Legal costs have exceeded €3 million and the costs are still rising.


On the taxi front things are not that bad for me.
The HailO system still makes the difference between making a slim living and going out of business altogether. 
You could trawl the streets for hours and get nothing.
If you had an airport pass you could wait for 2 1/2 hours for your next job.

Sometimes your luck is excellent, a run to the airport and you find someone on the way back into town straight away. 
If  you have to rely purely on Lady Luck you are heading for a bumpy ride for sure.

Yes folks the kids are starting to go back to school this week !

Where did the Summer Go?
Perhaps we will have an "Indian Summer".

I got rear ended a few weeks ago by a complete prat who I reckon was on drugs,
I believed him when he said he would "Look after everything"
I had the car checked out and my man said it was fine, so I left it at that.
Until 4 days later I started getting darting pains in  the neck and back. 
When I turned my head it was very painful.

A solicitor in the car told me I should have called the Garda straight away especially if you suspected that the other guy was on drugs.
 So around 5 weeks ago I was hit by a jeep which rooled back at the lights, my passinger could have sued, I didn't notice the slight dent on the bonnet from her spare tyre.
Now from behind.

Before Christmas a guy threw the passinger door into the passing traffic and took the side out of a passing car !
She drove away and was gone so long that the guy was just going into the pub when she came back.
She sufferedd no impact, she grazed the door.
She was a learner driver with no other driver with her.
My insurance company contacted her and agreed to replace her car with a newer one and give her a rental car for 2 weeks...
What happened next?
Within an hour she rang the claims agent and said...

"By the way I have whiplash and soft tissue damage"

They paid her anothe  €17,000

I must conclude that I am a complete mug


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