Friday, August 09, 2013

Gorse Hill and London

   A Blue rooster in Trafalgar square
   Look HailO works in Norbury ! Its way out in the sticks.
Never heard of him?
Google it. Erik Weisz took his name and became Houdini !

This clock has hands that move but it has no visible works!

It is priceless, the only other one I saw only had an hour hand.

Well the other day the court case came to the high court.
Gorse Hill on Vico Rd. Dalkey a house on on 3 1/2 acres of land.
Valued at €30 million in 2006.
Now it is valued between €6-€7 millions.
The parents were involved in property speculation.
The house was given as security for the loan..
The adult children were living in the house and refusing to leave.

But the house was given in security for a loan and now the bank is asking for €71 million.
But the children will be OK
Their parents are still involved in milti million pound developments in London.

So no matter what happens the rich stay afloat and fight tooth and nail against paying any of their debts.
Perhaps it is a small victory?
But perhaps it will go to the supreme court?

Well I went away to visit my son in London and the buses go on strike.
One driver said he made €600 in one day, another said he made not one extra penny.
The truth lye's well below the middle line.

I must say a couple of days away is good for the mind.
London is a great city for moving people. 2 Minutes walk to the station 20 mins to Victoria, cross over to the underground with your Oyster card in your hand and you are standing at Big Ben in 25 Mins.
The others wanted to go to a Shakespeare play and I decided that this was not for me.
But on Monday at a loose end ! What is there to do?
The Magic Circle meets on Monday so I wrote a few e mails and got an invitation to the club.
I love magic and as I was having a guided tour with one of the members I must have been asking the right questions, because he brought me into one of the locked rooms to see their secret treasures and I was wowed to see what they had there.

Every day can be magic if you put a little magic into the lives of others!

You know since I came back I have met some really interesting people.

Did I meet you?

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