Wednesday, April 16, 2014

1014 to 2014 The battle of Clontarf

A first sign of Summer

     Vikings set up camp for the battle of Clontarf this weekend
       A leak in the night leads to a new toilet,with metered water a dual flush system is installed.

A few years ago the hot tap in the bath started to drip, much later on a plumber was working next door and was invited in to take a look.
His story was something like this.
"Those taps are obsolete and the pipes are old imperial ones. If I started to change things over the old copper pipes would split,So I will have to fit new copper for a few feet back.
But you would be better to put in a new bath while you are at it".

Before he had reached the new bath point he had crossed the €200 mark.
Just then I arrived home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What are you talking about I said.
All it needs is a new washer.
You won't get one the tap is obsolete.

Just fuck off ! Obsolete my arse.

So whe I had the water turned off I removed the valve from the tap to find a shaving of plastic from the new plastic tank fitted in the attic a few years ago.
It was stuck in the valve, hence the drip.
Then I covered the tap with a cloth and turned on the water and ejected loads more plastic shavings.

Job done, tiling to do now!!!!

A doctors plumbing is giving problems and he calls in the expert....25 minutes later all is well and the plumber asks for €200..
Christ man says the doctor even I don't earn that much !

Well neither did I when I was a doctor...says the plumber..

On Sunday morning I did a bit of cruising around and got 2 HailO  runs to the airport, people are on the move for Easter.
Later on in Milltown I was flagged down by a pretty young girl who had been on the razz all night long.

She had had a row with her boyfriend and had no money or credit card but she had her mobile.
She was heading off to Clondalkin a good long trip.
She was a fairly wild kid and she was "Dying" all the way home.. When we arrived at her house she picked up the WiFy from home pressed the HailO app I picked up the job and took the payment, just like that!
I was adjusting my fone and turned to say goodbye to her when I noticed that she had a slit in her skirt nearly to her hip. "Thats a lovely bit of leg" I said.
Thanks and she winked at me.

It is very very important that taxi drivers are well vetted it is one profession where you meet people in vulnerable situations all the time

So tonight take a look at the full moon around 19.30 in Dublin.

This weekend the Battle Of Clontarf 1,000 later.. 

One more thing from 1st May there will be a €1,000 fine for texting on your mobile while driving,

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