Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A tragedy beyond beleif.

On Monday a Chinese woman was killed by a car which had bounced off the Luas tram.
She was standing on the footpath when she was hit.

In the instant that she died she could not have been happier.
She was married to an Irish man and the couple had just had their first child.
They had bought their first home together.
After 10 years living in Ireland she was to fly home this Thursday to show her parents their new grandson.

One thing about this crash is that they are not at all clear what happened.
It may not be human error at all.

Every once in a while we are all guilty of taking our eye off the ball.
But habitual texters on mobile phones drives me mad..
Lets have a Blitz on people driving through red lights and people on phones all the time.

It only takes a moment to save a life.
This BMW struck the Luas right before my eyes,he went straight through the lights.No one was hurt.

 The joining up of this bridge was  a minor miracle of engineering.

 Sign on a Virgin train toilet.

I had a water moment today...The toilet cistern split, but I caught it in time before the house flooded.
A whole new unit...I had to fit it myself.
I don't earn as much as a plumber while driving a taxi.

How could I have missed it!!!!
My blog posts have passed the 1,000th posting mark almost without me noticing.

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