Saturday, April 05, 2014

New Changes, Same clowns, different circus.!!

     Sometimes the clampers take it off, sometimes its the motorist. Naughty boy.
                                   St.Helens Radison Hotel
                     There is a bit of a fuss about this. Jim Larkin was a non drinker
and spoke on the evils of drink yet who gave them permission to use his image

This is a GATSO van parked on Cork Street for the past 2 days...No markings whatsoever.
Simply a money gathering exercise.

I had a barrister in the taxi the other day, she had been working on the new regulations which came into force on the first of the month.  She told me that there would be a raft of new offences and tough penalties.  I asked her if they would be enforcing things properly and I gave the example.
80 taxis are at the taxi rank at Heuston station on Sunday night.
A car pulls up 3 inspectors get out and put on HiViz jackets, they approach the rank and 20 cars drive away..
Will they be stopping those guys driving away? or will they just inspect the remaning taxis?
There are loads of illeggal taxis in Dublin but the powers that be continue to ignore the problem.

On Friday I had to get my car passed out. SGS Its called.
Checking for things like meter seals,tax clearence certand other legally binding things.
New rules state that you cannot advertise so they made me take down the Visa and other credit card signs from the roof sign. "Its  advertising" he said
He photographed the car front,back,  sideways and inside as well.  I am sure that they will be trying to get the advertising wrap for HailO off the car soon.

So now you cannot let passingers know you take credit cards unless they ask you!
I have paid tax on the advertising I get, the revenue will loose all that money .
I really hope the bus people put their foot down after all buses are public service vehicles. as well
The taxi regulator intends to make us take a machiene of their choosing next year.

Whatever happened to free trade and competition in the market place.

I had a young lady in the car a few weeks ago, I asked he if she was doing her Leaving Cert.
"No I am 24 I am a final year medical student"
I had to say that if she came in as the "Doctor" I would ask if your mother knew she was there.

It will be great when she is 50 and looks 30 for sure.

This was all over YouTube the other day. A car came out without looking and bang..
Had the Lambo been going at a slow speed this would not have happened.

Look at this clown, so much money he throws a €500,000 watch into the Scene.
It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall when his God asks him how he helped the less fortunate.

The ultimate street racing film !!!!!!!!!!!Feel the speed

All the best of luck with the Grand National today

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