Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trace your roots.

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I am typing with one hand and holding the the phone with the other hand.
The subject of my call is the National Transport Authority.
I even went out to the test center this morning and was told it was not their department.
So I went to to the HQ and was told at reception that the people upstairs do not check that kind of thing and they do not have the computers to deal with it anyhow.

So back to the phone.

My call ended in 16.4 minutes with the news that "The matter is under investigation"

It is a well known fact that we are all only ever 2 weeks from poverty.

Think about this, your income stops?.

How long would you last?

So today I did something to try and help my situation. I wrote to a politician !
You will never know if it will do some good.

I was heading up the M1 a few times over the last few days. A red car cut in front of me and weaved his way past me and through the traffic ahead. He had hijacked the car at Malahide golf club and he crashed in Donabate putting a woman and her 3 year old son into hospital. The driver of the stolen car is critical.
He had been in prison and the last time he was caught  he told the judge that he had learned his lesson and would never get behind the wheel of a car again. So he was let off..
Just to add a bit of heat to my argument he had 75 previous convictions
"Well Judge what would you like to say to the people in hospital?"
In America the justice system is very strict on repeat offenders.
3 strikes and you're out (In jail for life) 

One thing to say about people weaving around in traffic is stay well back and let them at it.

Yesterday I followed a guy for around 5 miles, he had no lights on.
But when I overtook him I noticed that his headlights were on.
Its the new thing. Day lights on cars, the driver thinks the lights are on.
My old Prius had automatic lights which was great.

I walked past a guy today who was selling his book Tight bastards guide to life click here

Writing a book? Thats a good idea

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