Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Stupid Paddy

The bank holiday saw the Marathon  and the introduction of Winter time (Clocks went back)

I met a guy at the Westbury hotel.
Born in Crumlin he went to England when he was 9 with his parents and when he was 20 he started working on the roofing game.
Then he bent a piece of metal and took a patent on it.
He showed it around and there was not much interest in it.
Then after demonstrating its use it took off.

Then he said I invented a method of repairing a broken slate.

But when I tried to sell it they said Its OK but what we really need is a method.of fixing solar panels to roofs.

So I bent another piece of metal,I have 2 factories working flat out.

They call me Stupid Paddy,
I don't mind.
I never did it for the money ,its for my kids and grandchildren I hope they enjoy it.

A guy raced in front of me to cut me off  the other day and he was going so fast that he missed a job which took me to Heuston station. As he jumped out a German girl jumped in going to Portabello.
She had come to Ireland a few years ago as an Au-pair in the  west of Ireland 
She was singing the praises of Ireland and the Irish people.
She had a beautiful tone to her voice and she told me that when she was 14 she won a big singing competition in Germany, this gave her a recording contract to a top record label.
But she did not want that to be her life.
Then she let me see a clip of her singing  at a concert for Amnesty International.
She was really professional in the way she moved.

Anyhow Portabello came and we parted company.

It was a good job that the other guy cut me off or all that would not have happened.

A while ago a Mr.Mr.Yemi Moshood Olatunde appeared in the news he had been living here and driving a taxi for almost 8 years. He has been deported to Italy on an international arrest warrant for his involvement in a multimillion drug trafficking operation in Naples in 2001 click here

I have lived here in Ireland almost all my life. When I wanted to apply for a taxi license I had to wait for a good while for them to check to see if I had a criminal record.

In Spain for example you have to have lived there for 6 or 8 years, be able to speak Spanish fluently and know your locality before you apply to drive a taxi.

There is also something very wrong when the National Transport Authority tells you that your PPS number is incorrect, your records stand there for more20 years and even though you furnish them with 5 proofs and a letter from the inspector of taxes to back up your claim they do nothing.

They only relented when I threatened to take legal action for loss of earnings.

I will cool down soon I hope

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