Saturday, October 18, 2014

3 Saucepans in one

 Did you ever see anything like this? Three saucepans for one ring
Ebay here I come.

The Christmas cactus is starting to bloom. This plant never bloomed for 60 years before we got it.

Well after many many phone calls I got a date to put me back on the road.


My social security is (for example) 123456 P The National Transport Authority said they had a different number.
"What number do you have?"   Couldn't tell me.
So I rang revenue No the number you gave is your number.
Later on I rang back and asked if there was any other number on my file and they said there is 828282W which refers to a VRT payment on a car 8 years ago.  
But that is not your number.
So again I rang back NTA, spoke to a supervisor and they told me that this was "under investigation" and nothing could be done until their investigations were complete.
I sent 5 proofs of my PPS number, payment receipts, P45s and a letter directly from revenue.

"We can do nothing until our investigations are complete"

I spoke to Revenue on Friday morning and the lady I spoke to said that there was one person in the office who could change the tax file..It turned out that the 828282W number did not exist.

I got a phone call around 3 pm.
"Problem solved, go ahead"
No explanation, but they did apologize.

If you are a taxi driver you will hear horror stories about taxi rides from hell.

A woman told me about a driver taking her to Ballyboden when she wanted to go to Ballybough.
She jumped out of his taxi and into one behind at the lights. The second driver called the police, but the rogue driver had driven away. In spite of having reg numbers etc passed on they heard nothing. The lady told me that the other driver drove her home for no charge.
"We're  not all like that" he told the lady.

A second was 3 girls leaving a club on Harcourt St. going to Coolock The driver headed south instead of North. He insisted that the way to Coolock was along the M50.
When she asked him to stop he told her that he would beat her until she cried like a baby unless she shut up.
She is a clever girl and made a phone call to a friend of hers in Irish. She explained the situation and as luck her friend was on duty (a Garda)
Give me a missed call at Cadburys.
Long story short he tried to punch the Garda but didn't see the other 2 Garda standing behind her.
He was arrested, no license, all the car details were forged.
They impounded the car and he was allowed out.
A few days later a guy turned up in Coolock Garda station."You found my car which was stolen "
In spite of the fact that the car had not been reported stolen, or that they had not contacted him, so how did he know that the car was there?
He got the car back.

The first driver didn't turn up for court.

I need to calm down

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