Thursday, August 06, 2015

70 year old taxi driver stabbed 30 times !

A elderly taxi driver was robbed and stabbed more than 30 times the other day.
70 years old trying to make pocket money for his grandchildren and this happens to him.

What do you think? An elderly lady of 87 had her pelvis broken in a €20 robbery.
The guys who did it will have had previous convictions and have a drug or drink problem.

A guy broke into  a house in Clontarf and the 80+ occupant beat him out of the house with her walking stick!!!!!!!!!!! When he was caught and came to court he had over 40 previous convictions.

The law is an ass, drug dealers and Garda work hand in hand, the courts are a joke and for murder you might get you 2/3 years. Once upon a time you would not re offend for sure.
In the Isle of Man they used the birch on minor offenders, 
15 lashes
and they never came back for second helpings.
They also had a policy that the person had to pay for the damage caused.

You beat the crap out of an intruder in your house and he will sue you for assault..
In my home the intruder should know.
"Sorry buddy, I don't do assault only GBH"

So if you are a taxi driver working the moonlight shift here is a tip from me.

"Remember that stiff shoulder you sometimes get? Or the bad knee?"

Buy deep heat spray and put tape from the front of the nozzle down the back of the spray can.
Then tape a straw on to the back of it.
Now when you put it into your hand you can feel the straw on your palm and you know which way the nozzle is pointing..

If you use CS gas spray your attacker can claim you came ready armed to attack him.
But with the deep heat it was just for your bad knee etc.

I had heard that 2 guys were hijacking taxis a few years ago and I had them in the taxi, the amazing thing was that the black guy was mute..I had a CCTV system in the taxi and I stopped the taxi in the middle of the road in Ballybough.
"Right lads the game is over, that is a camera and HQ was notified 10 minutes ago !"
They paid up and got out, the Garda said as the guys had not robbed me they would not be interested in looking at the tape.... FU2

What this country needs is a proper prison, no more Mr Nice guy, cages.


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