Saturday, August 08, 2015

Happy birthday HailO

So HailO has been around in Ireland for 3 years, in that time it has grown in size to become the biggest taxi company in Ireland, all this in 3 years.

Tomorrow the Iron Man is coming to Dublin  click here 
So from 7.30am until 10.30am a customer from the south side going to the airport will have to be brought right around the M50 adding around €40 on to the trip, I do feel that they could have worked it that at least one bridge could have been kept open.
I am sure it will be a great event, so come to see men and women of Iron Swim, Cycle and Run through the city streets.

Well I am still pretty mad with the law after hearing that a guy got 12 only years jail with 2 years suspended for raping a 14 year old girl.

I would bet if it was the judges daughter the criminal would never get out.

What price can you put on the sanity and happiness of a child?

The law is a complete ass.

 Back to the world,,I bought a Kindle, it can hold 400 books, so then I bought my first book.

"The art of magic" by T Nelson Downs
I noticed one strange thing there is a note that says
"This book is made available by the internet archive"
It is an actual copy of a library book belonging to Cornell University.

Can they really do this?
Is there no rights to another mans printing work?
Can they just scan books and sell them again?

It says there are no known copyright restrictions in the USA for this book

Though it is s great classic book of magic.

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