Thursday, August 27, 2015

Slow down Friday

   I spy with my little eye something spying on me !!!
         Promoting Lucozade sport

  Two houses in Stillorgan built on end of terrace sites. Back to back as well

Yes folks, this is the day when the boys in blue decide to have a big fund raiser.
This Friday from 7am until 7am Saturday they will be hiding behind poles and walls trying to catch you out.
"Raffle tickets going on the Malahide Rd" used to be the signal to slow down in the days of the radio dispatcher.

So slow down and have pints in the pub and not points on your license.

Some people have all the luck.
A Russian lady was in the taxi who is looking for work as an accountant,
With 8 years work in the department of finance in Moscow she has no Irish work experience and can't get any either.
How is she lucky?
She had her daughter when she was 21 and now her daughter is 16 and the mother really only looked 21 herself.
Some people just have great genes.
She misses home as we all did when we went away.
But I hope she gets a lucky break soon and a chance to prove herself.
She had a great personality and will go far in life given the chance.

A couple heading to the Shelbouorne hotel from the boat the other day.
"Gee that was a great trip here. Thanks for all the information and the map as well.
 €20.60, Just round it up to €21.....Make it simpler"
I must try that one in Washington DC.

A Polish girl said to me.
"In Poland we speak Polish,
In Italy they speak Italian,
In France they speak French.

John, do you know where this is going? why is there no Irish language?"

So I explained as best as I could.
She has gone on to learn a lot of Irish for herself, but I haven't seen her for more than a year.

Perhaps we should learn a little bit.

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