Saturday, October 17, 2015

Changing Dublin

                                Last of the graffiti around Windmill Lane studios, now all gone

                                                Smithfield beside the Cobblestone pub.

                                    Rialto cinema soon to feel the wrecking ball ?

Once upon a time everything was logical or so it seems. 
Today I am not so sure.

I went to Lidl in Coolock the other day and the security guard was blocking 4 kids from going into the supermarket the oldest kid was around 15  and he had 3 younger kids with him who were under 12 years old.

The oldest kid was high on drugs, but the security guard had him spotted and he was not letting them inside.
Later when I puled over to the filling station they came over to me to find out how much a taxi to Donabate would cost. I told them that I would have no idea but I was on my way to pick up a customer anyway.
Looking at them you could see 4 lives going down the tubes rapidly.

Where were their parents?, where are the people who should step in before everything starts falling apart?

Later I saw a guy stealing a bicycle, in the act but there were Garda checking for motor tax.
"No we can't do anything about that we are doing car tax."

A 15 year old boy comitted suiside, where was the help?

A 12 year old girl in Belfast felt unwell and the doctor told the parents that she was pregnant!
The parents are devastated and a 19 year old has been charged.

10 people died in  a fire on a traveler halting site. 5 adults and 5 children.
There is war about where other travelers are to be put until the situation is resolved.

A sad day for the people near Dundalk as they bury a Garda who was gunned down when he tried to intervene in a domestic situation.
There is a lot of sick and violent people around for sure.

It has turned out that he was out on bail while on a charge of supplying guns to criminals to be used in robberies. Hardly a charge that would allow for bail.
So the guys partner arrived at the house with her father and the garda they go in and the father waits outside.
All hell breaks loose,the partner shoots the unarmed garda and then shoots his own partner 6 times and then himself.
A lot of questions will have to be explored for the future as our police force is unarmed.

A gang of 6 crooks got jail totaling over 100 years for assaulting a family in their home, It was a horrific crime and the gang had hundreds of previous convictions, a few of them were out on bail.
As they were being transferred to prison their jail terms were being reduced.

I know a prison governor from way back and I asked him if he would help me to form a company to build a proper prison. A prison which would punish people. A prison that they wouldn't want to go back to.
"Every do good-er would close it down for infringing their rights"He said.
Its true...The victims have no rights.

Here is a really happy and positive girl.

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