Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Junkie life

                                              A flower display in the Westbury hotel

                                 Homeless Jesus a statue at Christchurch

Driving a taxi is a very strange occupation.
You don't know what is coming next.
How much will I make today?

One guy could leave the house 2 minutes before another car. One would be picking up passingers one after another...The other guy might get 1/3 of the work.
Thats life.

Today I was out at Liffey Valley shopping center and I got a lift which brought me to Whitehall, it cost him €23.. Now compare that to the girl going to Celbridge who insisted on me going on the M50 Her taxi fare was over €65 even though I told her it was not the way to go

So today I was coming home on  the North Circular Rd and I was hailed by 2 great looking girls, the first one in jumped into the front seat and my heart sank....Junkies! the poor girl was so thin, not so thin that her skull was showing  but .by God she was thin as a model.
We stopped to buy smuggled cigarettes and when the girl in the back was out the really good looking one told me that they had been to see her doctor to get "Ensure" drinks and she was being cut from 3 bottles to 2..The doctor said she was fine at 7 stone and 5ft.7ins.
That doctor needs a good kick in the arse I said.
We continued and my mind wound on through her life???????????????????

In another time men would fall at her feet, she was as clever as a fox and at the risk of wearing you out she was really really beautiful.

I hope the guy that gave her the drugs dies in a lot of pain.

I hope she turns her life around.

There was €14 on the clock "Take 15, you've been great"

Say a prayer for the people addicted to drugs and the homeless on our streets.

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