Monday, October 05, 2015

Christmas around the next bend?

                                              Freshers week at Trinity College
                                                Octoberfest in Docklands
                                                    Santas in Lidl
                                             Christmas trees in Woodies.

I have been having trouble uploading photos to the computer, I reckon it was the lead as it worked when I tried a different lead.

All this talk of Christmas and its not yet Halloween.
On the radio they are advertising Christmas partys.

The new year for the third level students arrived, they are getting drunk, loosing their fones and giving themselves food poising as they don't have a clue about cooking.

The Autumn is really hear and the leaves are turning to many colors, be careful and don;t skid on them.

It is a time to rest up for the mad Christmas rush, until then many people are going mad for the rugby world cup..
Poor old England is out.
Sport plays such a big part in peoples lives.
Remember the guy guy who flew over from New York for the GAA football final. He had €1,000 for 4 tickets and his team (Kerry) lost to Dublin.
People come from Australia for it as well.

I had the manager of the Celtic football team in the taxi a few weeks ago, the guy behind me told me who he was.
"There's someone else coming, my taxi didn't arrive"He nsaid
Then as his beloved came out the door another taxi came along."Thats my taxi" he said and he got out.
He didn't say sorry or toss me a brass farthing or anything.

The 2 cars behind me got airport runs, the next job out turned out to be mine to O'Connell St. €7!

Ah well shit happens and other times you get 3 or 4 jobs when someone is jumping out someone jumps in.
The thing is not to take it personal.

I went to a thing in the lord mayors reception rooms celebrating Dublin 2020
Its about Dublins bid to be City of Culture 2020.

They made videos of ordinary people talking about Dublin and life in general.

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