Monday, November 09, 2015

Christmas cactus is in bloom

                              This is the entrance to Herbert park from the Herbert hotel
             Part of history is Walter Scotts voyage to Antartica and Tom Crean from Kerry.
The exhibition is at the ferry terminal building in DunLaoighre.

           Christmas is coming as the first flowers has arrived on my Christmas cactus.

Well the Web Summit has gone away, off to Portugal for the next 3 years.
There was many words spoken on both sides about its departure, each side was saying it was the other sides fault.But €20 for a bottle of water and a hamburger caused a few raised eyebrows.
Also they asked a few celebs to MC some of the gigs and they stated that there would be "No fee"for the job.

As for work, there was jobs in the morning with people going there, but you couldn't get near the place in the evening. Hailo was encouraging us to turn on the app. But why would you drive past 50 customers just to pick up someone who had called you on HailO and then give them a 12% discount on the fare?.
They could have done more by streaming the taxis in and out of the venue.

There was a lot of bullshitters there for sure. You could hear them in the back of the taxi setting up "Complex deals"
If they really were able to take over Google or Microsoft they wouldn't be talking strategy openly in a taxi.
It would be something like. "Mike I have one! I am texting the name, usual plan of attack."

Taxi drivers have heard it all. I was not impressed.

One guy who said he would never go again said that it a great place to meet 2 or 3 people and avoid the rest, he had his own company. The really important ones are the quietest

Really rich people are strange anyhow.
I knew a guy who bought the debts of a hotel in London just to sack the receptionist and manager.
A hard man to beat for sure.
But he hates paying tax he is worth around €25 million..
He detests living in Monaco but he won't pay Irish taxes so he can't live over here..Poor man.
I told him to grow up and give it to a hospice and come home to live among his pals.

"Its easy for you to say that, you have no money"

I still think I get more enjoyment out of life than him.

Stop press  Uber pop may be coming to town
That means that Mr.Brown driving his car might get a call on his Uber app and be able to pick up miss Jones who is going his way.
Uber says that Mr.Brown is sound but I know he is a rapist and a very violent person. Uber says that they checked him out, but I don't know about that.
They also say they will cover him for public liability in case his passenger gets injured in a crash.
I was checked out by the Garda a long time ago.

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