Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Small battles and big victories.

Sometimes things happen which has no bearing on reality.
The other day I was at a 4 star hotel which was moving well, the porter came out and we put the cases in the boot. "Take these people to the airport and the hotel will pay the bill"
I asked him to repeat it and he said "The hotel is paying, bring the receipt up to the desk and you will be paid when you come back "
So I went off and Tommy who had put the cases in the boot was on a break when I came back and I missed him for the rest of the day. The next day I presented my bill again and I got a very nasty surprise.
"No we would never pay a guests taxi fare" No way was I going to be paid..€35.00!
Now to say I was a bit shocked would be putting it mildly.
I spoke to around 5 people and "Tommy"couldn't remember when he was phoned on his day off.
Two junior managers fobbed me off.
You would need to get something like that in writing one of them said.

I saw a senior manager and told him of my plight.

"No we would never pay a guests taxi fare"
"But there was another taxi driver beside me when the porter spoke to me" I said.

The matter was investigated and though they had no liability in law they said they would pay me as a good will gesture.
So perhaps without my witness the hotel was trying to screw me.

A porter at that same hotel once asked me to bring a customer to the airport a journey of approx €25.00. Don't start the meter if he asks you just say that its on the hotel bill. There is €30.00 in it for you and €20 for me.
I refused and put in a receipt for €21 and the porter told me that I would never get another good job from his hotel.
Anyhow I picked up a really interesting guy today going to an airport hotel and I told him my story.
I came here one day early, so I stayed in this hotel.
I usually stay at the Carlton and I have a meting there now.
I believe your story and at best they are incompetent and at worse dishonest.
He was wearing high end clothes and suitcase were Louis Vuitton. He knew of all the tricks used in this life by scam artists and crooks and I was telling him that a friend of mine had locked herself out of her car.
He had done the same and a taxi had to drive 400 Kms from his office in Luxembourg with the spare key.
I said use a courier next time.
When we arrived at the hotel I had to validate my parking and as we walked into reception a Pilot in full uniform approached us. "Good morning Robert here are the flight plans.
I will see you after the meeting."

During the trip I had told him about this urban legend that I once herd.

 Key locked in the car...Spare key at home.

Get the person at home to find the key and hold it up to their fone.

Then put your fone on speaker and ask them to press the unlock button.

Your door pops open I swear to god its true................
We did it today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyhow life is full of small battles and big victories.

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