Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The web summit 2015

              You are never lost with a Garmin ?????
                                Filming Penny Dreadful in McDaids
                              A HailO taxi on the roof of a pub at the web summit

                      This fantastic building is the HQ for Irish lights (Light houses and Buoys)

This year is the last year that the Web Summit will be held in Ireland.
They move to Lisbon Portugal for the next 3 years.
Why? You might ask.
Well it is all coming out, like 2 guys having a fight in an old western they fall out on to the street in the end.
The government seems to be very much at fault, no minister has come to shake hands with the World leaders of the HiTec world.
It seems that they were watching the spectacle like tourists watching the sunset and not thinking that they should be taking part.
2 guys in my taxi told me that the WiFi had broken down again today.
I had a speaker in the taxi and when I asked his name he said "No one important" and what is your subject? "Gibberish" I guess that put me in my place.
A lady in the taxi told me that there was a smell in the back ! Like stale sweat, I almost said that she should have cleaned herself off before coming out.
Time to sponge the seats down and get out the old Fabreze.
"Wow! your taxi smells so fresh!"
3 Guys from Israel going to the summit, the guy beside me looked like a real gangster for sure, we had great banter and he told me that he was sitting in a restaurant on the Golan Heights yesterday, the view was fantastic and the lovely lady noticed the noise.
She didn't know that it was anti aircraft fire from Syria firing at aircraft overhead..
We all agreed that you are never too far from fanatics wherever you go.

Then I spoke about a wonderful Israeli singer from Yemen called Ofra Hazza who had the most fantastic magical voice.

But as is the way with things she died from Aids. If she had gone for treatment she might be alive today. What a waste.

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