Monday, March 28, 2016

1916 2016 100 years on

Dublin is in bloom for sure

                                                                The Clonskea mosque

As if I ever needed a reminder of how fragile life is we were faced with a tragedies  of Titanic proportions last week.
A car packed with a family out on a day trip slipped off a pier and went into the water at Killybegs.
5 people dead including 2 small boys were in the jeep. A baby of a few months old was passed out through the window of the car and was rescued.

Panic is the enemy when a car enters the water.
The water pressure outside seals the doors shut.

This is what you should do.

Open the windows straight away.
Open all seat belts
Turn on your lights if they stay on it will help rescuers.
Move to the highest air pocket inside the car.
Now when the car fills up with water the door will open as the water pressure is equal inside and out.

People do survive when a car enters the water, but panic is the enemy.

Easter week is upon us, fantastic weather as well.

Big parades are planned, Army,Navy and Air Force.
50 years ago our republic was celebrated in much the same way.

This kicked off 40 years of violence, but there were many factors at play at that time.

So I didn't publish a few days ago.
But what  a celebration we had, the trams (Luas) were on strike for more pay so taxis were kings for 2 days.

More to follow.
 I am busy with something else as I write. 

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