Friday, March 18, 2016

Paul Daniels RIP

Things can happen in a split second that can change lives forever.
A guy was coming home from his retirement party last week.
He came across two men fighting close to his home in Harolds Cross and he tried to act as peace keeper.
One of the guys punched him once and that punch killed him.
It transpired that the guy who hit him is a martial arts expert.
So he was trained and would have known what damage a Karate chop could do.
Up above is a poster from the Metro in Newcastle.
This deadly punch is a problem there as well.

Sad news about the death of Paul Daniels. The last time I met him was at South Shields I was there about 4 years ago. He had a big work load right to the end and he died at 77 years old.
He had great stories and would entertain magicians well into the morning, not like a good few entertainers I could mention.
One of the guys once asked him how old he was, he answered " I am12 years old.
I jump up out of bed every day and open up my magic box. Then I look forward to a wonderful day.
I never grew up".
Anyhow as they say about great people
"The likes of him we will never see again."

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