Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Crossing the river Tyne...

 Looking over the river Tyne. It was once a hive of ship building and engineering.

I shot off last weekend to South Shields near Newcastle. A small magic convention which is a really good gathering.
It is great that you can go to some place and have demonstrations of the most remarkable skillful methods in magic manipulation.
Paul Wilson was there..Look at his mighty works and despair.

 Just so you know Paul has many skills, he starred in the big Hussle TV series and he directed this short movie about the importance of keeping magic alive and passing it on.

Anyhow its back to work and a very busy few weeks ahead.
There is not one empty hotel room in Dublin for the next 3 weeks. 
 For some information click here
Also look here  

So drivers rest up and be ready to hop out on the big day. 

Taxis going everywhere, each taxi has a story.
You will probably have to read the translation on your PC, Its worth it.


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