Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A day in the city

Once in a while I take a day or 2 off. But I prefer to work every day.
It keeps me young.
But today I went for a haircut and then to see "Epic Ireland" Click here.
I met the Canadian guy who bought the CHQ building a while ago and he really is a great person.
Then I bought a ticket for Darren Brown in the Board Gas theater.

Don't miss this show, I really mean it..
Its really so good I can't recommend it highly enough.

Lives pass through taxi drivers hands so quickly.
I have often brought home lame ducks to our home but I really have to stop doing this as our home is not a hotel, no matter what happens.
Some of the "Guests" have become friends for life, that is good. Others treat our hospitality like a right and contribute nothing towards the home. Nether in work, cooking or laundry.
Imagine your host doing your laundry and cooking ?
So this girl was crying all the way through her journey. She was from Brazil and really gorgeous.
She had not managed to connect in Ireland, she had nowhere to stay and had not managed to find any friends.
Boys and girls please note when a pretty girl like her arrives in Ireland she is quickly sicked into prostitution,
I don't know how to rescue them myself but Ruhama can help.

Its strange that at this time of year first communions are taking place, when I worked nights and the "Girls" worked the streets a big number of mothers would swell the ranks to get money for that perfect first communion.
The money lenders used to prosper at this time as well.
Poverty is a really hard master.
A billionaire told me that debt would strangle anyone.
"Live within your means whether you make €100 per week or €500 a week.
Live within your budget.
He was worth more than  $7  billion dollars as it turned out.

Its really good advice.

Irish people have gone around the world for hundreds of years.
We made our mark for sure.
A great book to read is "Wherever green is worn" By Tim Pat Coogan
It will surprise you.

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