Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Police are helpless (Or hopeless)

 This church in Booterstown is a bit strange.
It should have been built in Alexandria in Egypt.
 A grand day, you don;t often see it
  Google Google and here it is.

A good few years ago I picked up 2 Canadian guys.
"What do you guys do for a living?"
Judges    came the reply.
They were working on the inquiry into the Donegal garda.
There was a time that if a Garda was a bit of an asshole they would send him as far away as possible.
Donegal fitted the bill.
But one or two bad apples soon rots the whole barrel.
These guys were on a roll and fitted up a family who were standing up to them with a murder rap.

The inquiry tossed out a good bit of the truth, and people started to doubt that not everything a garda says is the truth.

In the modern day a certain Garda Morris McCabe in Bailieborough blew the whistle on what was happening on his beat. It is now alleged that the main tack in the senior gardas resolve was to paint him as a trouble maker and that he was doing this through malicious intent.
The effort to shut him up could have been used to sort out the garda shortcomings in the area, the incompetence resulted in the death of an innocent woman. The perpetrator was allowed to walk free eirlier after (it is alleged) a very serious assault was just put down to a slight push.
The taxi driver involved was not even told of the upcoming court case.

Anyhoo in Dublin the inter gang warfare continues.
Its not tit for tat. Its tat all the time. 6 hits against the Monk.
The garda are powerless to help or so they say.
Something happens and 100 garda arrive sirens blaring, they rope off the street and the shooters are 3 miles away.Drug dealers work in the open on Buckingham St and Aimiens St.
All in 100 yards of the Store St. Garda station.
A poor little girl from Brazil was caught by her back pack and spun around. On the ground she was punched and kicked then robbed.
Her fone stolen she was devastated, all her contacts gone.
The garda said that there is "Nothing they could do about it"


Well if you are in Dublin or if you are coming don't miss the Leonardo DeVinci exhibition in the national gallery(click here)

Anyhow the sun is shining now.

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