Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Will the Garda respond?

    Just to show you what the buildings are like in Budapest
                    This is their money €15.90=Fl 5,000
                Models wait their turn to take off down the runway
                             Dublins latest landmark coffee shop..

Well what to say?
I had 2 Canadian Mounties in the car.. they trained together 40 years ago, retired now.
Having stayed in touch they are having a reunion in Dublin.
Yes they told me that as Mounties they always got their man..
I must thank them for the key ring and Mountie badge.

Their is a car on my road for more than 3 weeks so I phoned the Garda its still  there ?
In the local pub Toby told me not to hold my breath.
His story was shocking.
A girl was jogging around Kildare St. and noticed a man sleeping rough, she checked him out and he was cold and non responsive. She approached the Garda on duty at the Dail (Our parliament) and she told them that there is a dead guy over there and she jogged away. Two days later she came back the same way and saw the body still there and had a major fit..
The body was starting to decompose and the Garda had been standing 20 yards from the body for 3 days.. So don't expect them to look after a missing car.

The only thing our government is good at is a big coverup..

Anyhoo as the say in Canada we will give you rain if you could take it home with you.
A Saudi doctor told me
"If we had your weather we would be so happy"
He is right !! We don't get massive droughts like in Australia or heat that would kill you like in Texas.

We could export water!!!!

There was a report on the radio about the massive amount that taxi drivers make..

An old guy with more than 40 years at the game once told me
"Everyone makes the same, some good days some bad days.

Taxi drivers lie about three things.
1 the frequency of their sex life
2 the size of their penis
3 how much money they make

Its all lies go with your head"

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