Monday, March 06, 2017


Medusa at carnival in Rio

Inside the harp room in the college of music

I had a lady who needed to have some repairs done to her harp, the guy tried and snapped something instead, she was not pleased to say the least.

The tram drivers went on strike and the bus drivers now want more money as well.
Money from the public purse is pumped into our bus company CIE and now it is crunch time.
Stop press, strike deferred talks to begin.
Well things carry on and such is life. 

Ambulance drivers are marching this afternoon, they want to take off paramedics and just employ drivers. With this way of going you will be ringing UPC if you are having a heart attack.
The world is mad.

A lady in the taxi told me about how a madman chased her along the EastWall Rd blowing his horn.
She was on a bicycle and shook her fist at him and kept going.
Later on she missed her hand bag. She turned around and went back and retraced her journey to no avail.
Her kids had to be collected from school so she rushed home.
The delivery man from Tesco was there. She told him to leave it on the step as she had to go.
Just then the RUDE MAN pulled up and his daughter ran over to her with her handbag.
"God to think of it, he had driven to her house and left without a thank you, but he could surely see the relief on my face."

Sometimes you don't see the obvious try telling a lady that the coat is sticking out of the door and dragging on the ground,

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