Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A great day for the Irish

That thought of Mike came to me when the news broke the other day about a young pregnant mother and 3 young children died in a fire here in Dublin.
They had left a candle burning as it turned out.
It just shows how important smoke detectors are.

Things are hotting up here for St.Patricks day, Chicago has turned their river green and Niagara falls was also turned green.
Sure it will be grand on the day.

A guy crossing the road gave me a big grin and I remarked that the guy looked strange, like someone who had fallen out of a movie...It turned out to be Martin Scorsese, he had been given an award by Trinity college. A few years also I saw him in Fitzwilliam Square once before in the same place.
That time I didn't know who he was that time either.

So I was passing and she was desperate.
"My flight closes in 10 minutes, from the Omni center",
So pedal to the metal.
I broke 2 red lights and the speed limit.
Coming up the ramp at terminal 1 I told her to get the money ready so she could jump out as soon as I stopped.
She ran off and I swear she didn't even say thanks.
€9.50 on the meter
I counted the fist full of change €7.20

How could she have good luck ??

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