Friday, March 10, 2017

Would I change ?

This is an Indian, just right for mid life crisis

MSL motors in Ballsbridge,
A customer told me today that he went in to buy a second hand car that was in their yard.
He was told that anything in this place was out of his price range.
He is now on his 5th Merc, but he would not stand for that kind of attitude today.

The other day I had to bore a hole through a wall. A solid wall 2ft.thick.
The tool to do this is called a core cutter, it has a kind of a cup on the end of a shaft which vibrates and turns. Problem is it weighs 2 stone and the hole had to be bored 2ft above my head.
I can now admit that I am not the man I once was.
Hard enough to hold the drill above my head, but when it hit a stone it kicked like a bucking bronco.
But I kept going and got the drill back to Sam Hire before

Then on the way through Santry an African lady waved me down. I hate not to help people in trouble.
She was desperate.
From Rwanda as it transpired.
Where to ?
Airport T1 Quick !
She had 10 minutes before her flight closed!
So the pedal to the metal, after 2 red lights broken.

Quick have the money ready I said as we went up to departures.

She put a fistful of change into my hand €9.40 on the meter.

A handful of change into my hand and she hopped out.

I don't recall a big thank you.

But I counted the change into the coin holder. €7.20

I don't wish her bad
But tip the ones who help you.

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