Thursday, August 17, 2017

Death and taxes..

Today and over the weekend I will be doing my income tax.
A very wise and successful man told me many years ago to do it weekly, monthly, quarterly.
Then do a review of your activities after that carry on and its done.
He turned out to be a billionare and I still did not take his advice.
His name was Chuck Feeney
So now its panic stations once again!!!!!
I was in Kerry last week, God the music is great. In Dingle we went to a concert in St.James church.
The folk concerts are so professional, better than TV.
The performer asked if anyone could do a jig, "I will give anyone who dances it a CD"
This girl danced like there was no yesterday. 
As it turned out she was German.
She was a wonderful dancer, typical that foreigners can do our stuff better than we can.
A fantastic night for one and all.

I have to get this photo thing sorted out, after all they say a picture says a thousand words.

As you go on in life things come across your bow which  you cannot avoid or solve,
A girl from Brazil learning English has a sick father at home. 
Not good at all.
So she has to go home without finishing her course.
Now the air fair to go and back to Brazil is expensive plus her job and her flat will be gone when she comes back.
God she really is a really nice kid... But she has to go. 
The future for her is difficult for sure.

So there was me saying how my income tax was a pin in the ass

Perhaps if we knew someone who was a little bit mad it would help.

Here is Chuck

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