Thursday, August 03, 2017

Galway races

This week we have the wonderful Galway races, a great occasion for one and all.
Two taxi drivers decided to take a bit of time off and they drove the long road to Galway.
They had hot tips and blankets to spend the night in the car.
Coming home they were in a very sorry state, they had lost all their money and they also had dreadful hangovers.
As they joined the long snake of traffic heading for the N4 a time of narrow roads and no motorways they were in despair. A young guy with a long coat was up ahead with his thumb up so they stopped.
When he got in he told them that this was the best Galway races he had for years.
They moaned and groaned about their losses, he told them never to follow horses.
He made them laugh all the way and just when they had forgotten all their problems they were stopped by a Garda in Kilbeggan.”You only have one headlamp working” on closer inspection he found a tax disc out of date and a bald tyre. When he inspected the drivers licence it was found to be a year out of date. Out came the notebook and pencil and the officer started writing and taking note of everything.
When he had finished the young passenger got out and went over to the Garda. He put his arm around him and patted him on the chest, he pulled the tail end of his uniform and said what fine men the boys in the car were, You should give them a chance.
No No No the Garda said so he patted him on the chest again while the men in the car felt that they would be locked up.
He gave up and came back to the car.
“lads I don’t know what I was thinking about, the traffic is very heavy, take a left here and I know a quicker route to Dublin”
As they approached  Crumlin in the early hours the hitchhiker pointed out where he wanted to get off.
“Don’t worry about that Garda and his summons, unless he has a fantastic memory you are home and dry. That tunic was very tightly buttoned and I nearly didn’t get it, but I did get it.
I am a pickpocket, one of the very best there is. Here is the Gardas notebook and that is why we had to go cross country, every Garda on the road was looking for us.
I might see you at the races again next year.”

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