Thursday, August 24, 2017

Something a bit different

While I was in Kerry visiting the cousins I photographed the old Irish language Bible.
Printed in 1827 it was before the great famine.
The fonts were very different and you would have to travel a few miles now to find someone who could even read the old script.
My forefathers as it turned out were protestant missionaries on the most remote tip of Europe back then.
If only that book could talk.

I am only getting used to the new 3rd generation Prius.
The "Proximity" key is a bitch. You walk up to the car and when you clasp the handle it unlocks,
(Big deal)
you put your foot on the brake and start it.
Where did you put the key when you got in?
You need it to lock it.
In a normal car it would be in the ignition, right?
Now it can be anywhere and you need to have it to lock the car.
So you look on the dash, on the cup holder, the glove compartment only to find it in your pocket !

Still its not as bad as the customer who bought a used Ferrari in California.
"Wow I was a real bigshot.
I took a call on my mobile (A big thing back then)
I put my coffee and keys on the roof of the car,
took the coffee and drove to my important meeting.
I didn't make it.
The keys fell off the roof and the car stopped.
The replacement key and towing charges nearly broke me.
Don't live beyond your means my friend"

Still in a month or so I will figure out on which side the wipers and the lights are, and the horn too.

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