Thursday, December 14, 2017

Going home for Christmas

Christmas tree on O'Connell St.,

A wartime poster. Win the war by abstinence.

Everyone is off for the Christmas break.
Not only for Christmas but for ever in some cases.
Rents are high and people have found out when they pay for rent and food plus transport that there is not much left for living.
So they are voting with their feet.
C'est La Vie as they say.

One couple with their 6 month baby off to France the mother is Polish so the grandparents will be over the moon.
Another guy from South Korea after 3 years he is off home again where he hopes to open a Korean restaurant.

There were others but I will have to buy a note book to keep up.

One couple going to London. The lady was from Barcelona and talked most of the way to the airport on the phone.
I talked to her partner about this and that and then I got on to the subject of the most remarkable person I ever met.
Chuck Feeney and the guy really lit up
 "I work for him"
Then we became like two fans going to see their biggest idol of all time.
Chuck Feeney made and gave away a fortune of 8 Billion dollars and when I win the Euromillions on Friday he will help me to invest it wisely.

One woman that sticks in my craw like a chicken bone.
I picked her up at the ferry going to Willow Park Rd. and she questioned every turn of the road.
At the Autoban pub she asked me to turn off early and then she insisted that the numbers were going up so therefore I was going the wrong way.
Finally I told her that we were at 63 and now we are at 95 so now we are going the wrong way,
So we went back among protests then after 3 more"your wrongs"
There it was.

My wife is very wise.
"She may have been on the move since 6Am perhaps she is not well.
You have to see things from their side too.

So lets get on with Christmas

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