Monday, December 18, 2017

I had to stop

Santa crosses O'Connell St

Palestinians protest outside the American embassy

In my local pub. Barman presses button and a taxi appears.

Every car should carry a plugging kit for punctures, pressure gauges and a good extendable wheel brace.
My wife was going to visit the grandchildren so I checked the oil the water and the tyres.
The front right tyre was 17psi where  it should have been a lot more.
So I took off the wheel and found a small nail in the tyre. It might hold if I blew it up but the professional way is to plug it.. A plug kit costs around €30 and it fixes around 20 flats.
Above you see 2 pressure gauges of different makes just to check that one is right.
Anyhow the nail in the wheel was so small, but just big enough to cause you heartache.
Still it is fixed now so no more worries.

Guys sneezing behind me and over me has me busted at last...
I have to take some time off...
Now how could I ? , if I don't stop now perhaps resting won't be an option.

One of the guys at the ferry the other day told me that he was just back from his uncles funeral.

His uncle was a taxi driver 68 years old parked at Crowes pub opposite the RDS. A taxi pulled up beside him pulling up in front of the waiting taxis so he shouted at him to Fuck off and join the back of the rank.
The driver got out and punched him on the side of the head and drove off. 
He thought no more of it at the time.
Three weeks later his uncle collapsed at the wheel and went into a coma.

Three years later he died at 68, the other guy was never traced.

So you see folks don't confront assholes. 

Shane McGowan reached 60, for him it is quite an achievement.

The Canadians are great at exposing this  kind of thing.
The first book that I bought for my Kindle was called Dirty little secrets that garages use to rip you off.

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