Monday, December 25, 2017

Happy Christmas and a wonderful 2018 to you all

You tube has banned the other versions of this for some reason.

The big day has arrived for sure.

Among all the bad news in the paper came a piece of great news about a passenger from way back.
Orla Tinsley got into the taxi and she was breathless. I asked her if she had asthma.
She told me that she had Cystic fibrosis. She was a campaigner and they had raised up money for an isolation ward so that CF patients would not pick up infections from others in the hospital.
Sadly the hospital had taken over the unit and she was really angry about it.
She got her double lung transplant in New York after the hospital rejected 6 donors which were not a match.
She raised $86,000 to cover some of her costs on the internet by crowd funding.
I the article I read that she recalled a kind taxi driver once understood her plight brought her to hospital and refused the taxi fare.
Sometimes a small gesture will go far.
She is a great fighter and I wish her a great 2018

The crib was removed from a Dublin in case it might offend a minor religion.

A story about a refugee family who couldn't find a place to stay, then they had a baby who turned out to be a great leader and savior to many.

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  1. John your kind heart shows through

  2. That's a great example that with small gestures we can save life's. Congrats 👏👏
    And happy new year! 😊