Monday, August 27, 2018

The Pope is gone back home with a fly in his ear.

There was such security in Dublin that was beyond belief. It cost around €30 million
Motorways closed off for hours, Cabra a large housing area near the Pheonix park closed down, no cars allowed in or out. The Garda were around all night. Taxis were not part of the plan.
One person told me that her neighbor came over from the UK only to be told that wheelchairs were not allowed in the park, so she went to the mass in Knock Co.Mayo.

Then he got nailed about the child abuse, the sexual assaults and the cover ups.
One bishop had to stay at home in the USA to deal whith over 600 of sexual abuse cases which were covered up by bishops for years but now exposed by the Police.
Then he was told about the Magdalene laundry's where unmarried girls who had had children were put to slavery without pay and kept in very bad condition.
There were a large number of children SOLD to Americans without their mothers consent.
Often if the mothers asked to see their baby they were told that the child had died.
Then he was told of the more than 800 babys bodies uncovered in a septic tank in Tuam.
He was told to deal with the mess in no uncertain terms and not to keep saying he was sorry, but to act properly on the information before him.
On other points he said that he had never heard about the complaint, he was then told of the dates when the Vatican had been informed.

The Mass in the Phoenix park was a ticket event and 500,000 people were to attend. 150.000 turned up. The weather was very bad in fairness.

I know that it is not his personal fault, he is 81 years old soon to be 82 and the Mafia inside the Vatican have their knives out for him.

Its a tough gig.

I will probably go to hell for this BUT

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