Tuesday, December 04, 2018

A man who never made a mistake made nothing

 I had to do a repair on the mixer tap in the kitchen
"Buy a good one" said the boss.
Then after 2 weeks of nagging I turned off the water and set to work.
Not a big problem really except for the fixing nut at the back of the unit.
I couldn't get it tightnedso after a full days thought I went back to the plumbers merchants where I got a set of tube like wrenches which did the job.
I will share a great secret with you when the book is published.

Today as I swung past the bus garage I noticed there were no taxis there, so I swung in and picked up a young lady who was waiting. She gave me an address then she told me it was in Lucan.
So off we went and as we passed down along the Quays I turned on the satnav.
Now lately the satnav is in a slight state of flux.
As we approached Liffey Valley it put me clearly into the left lane, If I had known then what I know now. (Hindsight is 20/20 vision)
She had her sat nav on and assured me that I was in the right lane.
No escape until we reached Blanchardstown and I took a hit on a toll.
I swung around and back through the back roads to The Penny Hill pub !!!!
Oh it is so much better to give destinations via landmarks.
Provided there are not two pubs with the same name like Slatterys.
I had stopped the meter when we had started to go wrong but it was bloody awful the whole thing.
At least she was not going off on an aeroplane or a ship.

We all can make mistakes this is only natural, this is why God put a rubber on the end of the pencil.

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