Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Up Up and away

Thats life !
I had a load of stuff ready to publish and it just vanished off the screen.
This is important please take note
If you have a dashcam and you have a near miss.
Take the power off the dashcam before you pull out the chip.
If you don't the footage may be lost !!!! 

So I am heading off to the airport at 5am and landing in Manchester, from there by train to Blackpool Lanconshire "The Costa del sol" of England.
Blackpool hosts the worlds biggest magic convention thousands of magicians from all over the world (and other places) come to see 3 days of lectures,competitions and magic dealers Plus 3 world beating magic shows. There will be as many as 150 dealers selling all kinds of gimmicks.

So as little Paul Daniels once said.
"Magic is great fun, the only way you have more fun is to take your clothes off."

A strange thing happened yesterday. a car had stopped on a dissabled parking space, I pulled over and said "Look at the sign" He looked at me and said "So what? Fuck off" So a bit further on I pulled over and rang the clampers.
Education is very expensive.
He will have to work on his act.
You catch more flies with honey than with vinigar.

Here is a magician that I first met 10 years ago.
He started his lecture by saying that he had an interpeter who would translate the lecture and he would speak Spanish. After 3 minutes he turned to his assistant who spoke only Chinese.
So we will have to carry on with my English..So funny

This is a great movie and features Blackpool strongly.

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