Friday, February 01, 2019

Another 1,000 Kms

Its the first of Feburary so you say "Rabbits" for luck on the first day of every month.

Something I saw on the internet about high street shops and shopping centers closing down, the rents were too high, shoplifting and staff pay have all killed the retail stores, remember Clearys and Boyers? More to follow for sure.

Perhaps driverless taxis?

So about the Google girl from Paris?

I typed out a letter about what happned and made some copies, I gave one letter to a German Girl and an Italian girl.
The German was very annoyed about it and said "Why could you do that after someone helped you"

One of the 2 girls contacted her and the French girl rang me and she wanted to pay me.

Body language says a lot.
She didn't say sorry or look me in the eye but she asked me for the "Ticket" which I had.

Not even a thank you.

Really I don't think I will change. It is in my nature to be good and to be honest.

You have one thing in this life for sure.
Your reputation
Don't just destroy it.
you might never get it back.