Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Back to the hard grind

I am home in Dublin again and I must say I saw wonderful magic at the 67th Blackpool magic convention.

There is a lot of poverty in the area, loads of druggies and people in wheelchairs, low property prices and no work anywhere.

I was in Weatherspoons pub and a guy walked in and put in around £6 in coins into the fruit machiene.
He flicked the knobs and then he started putting £10 and £20 notes.
It didn't take him long to put in £160 then he lost the £40 that he won on the way.
When I was getting a beer I mentioned it to the barman "That pays my wages" is all that he said.

I did little work today but my tracking was off and I had to get it fixed plus 2 new tyres.
Bad tyres now get a fine and penalty points.

I went to Andrew my computer guy and he took the chip from my dashcam and put it into his computer and as if by magic he recovered the footage of my near miss.
Remember if you have an incident disconnect the power before pulling the chip from the camera.

Blackpool Tower, stsndback Paris

A small part of the 150+ magic dealers

A magic leacture

To me this is a laugh, I spotted abandoned luggage at the airport last year, I had to tell 4 officials before they took action.

  Have a look at Hans Klok the fastest magician in the world

From the past master Slydini

FISM winner

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