Friday, March 01, 2019

John Haynes RIP

A good old guy died during the week John Haynes of the Haynes manual fame.

Whats that ? You might well ask.

Well John went to boarding school in England and he didn't like Rugby or Hockey.
So he asked his teacher if he could build a car as a project.
He built an Austin 7 and then he sold it.

Then he had an idea !
He wondered if anyone else would like to know how he built it.
So he built another one and had a small book printed taking you through the steps.
The first printing of the book sold out in weeks.
He grew up and joined the Royal air force and a friend of his had an Austin Healey Sprite which was giving trouble. The manual was really bad.
So they stripped down the car and photographed the whole process.
The Haynes manual was born, settings for points, the correct spark plugs and oil are all there.

So I suppose God was having problems with one of his vintage cars and called John up.

I see you can buy them on line now.

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