Tuesday, March 05, 2019

Not long until Paddys day

Look at your phone when you do a SumUp transaction, too late when there gone

A fund raiser at our local saling club

This is where Amzon is !

I will put a video below to explain

Today saw the brief visit of an American girl heading for the airport to go home.
God bless her I hope she made it. People tell me that for domestic flights you have to be there an hour and a half before take off and for trans Atlantic it has to be 3 hours.
She only had an hour..So lets hope.
Her looks were interesting and I asked if she had any Irish blood.
Her answer was priceless.
"I might have. My Mother was Hungarian and my father was from South Korea."
Only then did I see the slight shapeing of her eyelids.
God she is beautiful.
She loved Ireland and I am sure she will be back again.

Another strange thing happned last week.
I picked up a young lady going to Heuston station from Donnybrook.
As we arrived there was €15 on the clock, I handed her the bag and some people coming out of the station jumped in.
As I drove along the quays the phone rang, "you forgot to tie off the transaction on the MyTaxi app"
So try as I could it would not work.
She sent in a note to MyTaxi and I sent in a note as well.
Guess what ?
Once the customer is gone from the car you cannot get the money !!!!
But I rang her as I had her number and got the money today.
Without that contact, I would have been up shit creek without a paddle.

 I know this is a repeat but.

A couple of weeks ago a Google lady arrived at the airport with no money or credit card ?
She gave me her number and asked me to ring her next week.
So I accepted so as not to make her loose her flight.
All the next week I rang and texted to no avail.
It was €28, so I had an idea.
I explained my story in a letter!
A great German girl read the letter and found her.
I could almost hear her saying.
"What kind of person are you? Someone helped you and now you won't pay ?"
The call with payment came the next day.
But the girl who wouldn't pay has destroyed her reputation in Google.

I was off work for around 4 days last week. My right arm was really painful. I couldn't lift my arm as high as my shoulder and the home doctor went to work. It could be a clot or you could be having a stroke, OR A HEART ATTACK.
I went to bed and wore a jacket indoors, took Panadol  and it got better.
At least I didn't pay €40 to the doctor.

A headline in the paper reads 180 non EU nationals obtain licences despite having no leagal status in Ireland,nothing surprises me.

I think that this just prove that great minds have too muck free time

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