Wednesday, March 27, 2019

The morning after the night before

After a big event like St.Patricks day or new years day concentration is at a low spot.
The Luas (tram) has killed 2 people and there was a crash with a bus, in which the tram was derailed.
Plus a 2 car collision in which both drivers were killed. RIP

I am going to rest up as I nearly had 2 near misses myself. It is important to be on the lookout for the nut behind the steering wheel..It might be you.
I have some photos of the events, but my computer will not load up.

I want you to watch Ken Dodd strutting his stuff.
A comedian of the 60s who had a few gold records. He kept the Beatles off the number one spot back in the day.

His act could go on for 4 hours and he was known as the taxi drivers friend, because the buses were well gone when his act finished.
He was president of the Blackpool magicians club and he entertained us all at the convention.

I will visit Andrew in the computer shop and have the bugs taken away.
Then I will write a proper post.

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