Friday, July 26, 2019

Welcome from Aegentina

This is the coffee shot at the juction of SCR and Harrington St

GBS George Bernard Shaw

If you run a hoter or a concierge service copy this

So the other day I picked up a father and daughter going to the South Circular Rd.(SCR) for short as it turned out they were from Argentina and had started a coffee shop,they knew little about the links between our two lands so I filled them in.
It is hard when an economy crashes through no fault of the people.
Brazil, Venuezela and all the other S American countries have fantastic people but corrupt rulers.
But they are great people.

I wish them the very best of luck.

It started at 12.04 today and the journey ended at 1.55 almost 2 hours later.
The man needed a part for his respirator, and we covered 31.12 Kms at a cost of €76.20
I had this happen before a few years ago and that time we didn't manage to find part.

Now if you are in the hotel or hospitality buisness in Dublin I have copied the business card of the people who came up trumps an they carry loads of gismos which help you to breathe.
Look up "Sleep Apnia" to see the kind of problems that people can have.

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