Monday, August 26, 2019

Is Summer nearly over?

I saw the first school girl in her school uniform wating for the bus home.
On Sunday I brought a German mother and their 2 daughters to their boarding school in Dalkey.
I must take a look out for the swallows going and the arrival of the Brent geese who come all the way from Greenland to spend the winter around Clontarf.
Time and tide wait for no man for sure, there are 2 things you can bet on for sure Death and Taxes
I have that mountain of papers out and on Wednesday I go to my accountant then I can sleep for another year.
I had a young couple in the taxi from Paris going to the Pheonix Park to see the deer.
When we found the deer and it was time to get paid the credit card machiene would not work, on all 3 cards ! "Sacre bleau"
So what to do?
They would be spending an hour with the deer and then I would come back and collect them. OK?
I did a few jobs and I got the call to go back.
On the way into the park I got a phone call from my first customer of the day Dublin port to the airport. "Is my wallet in your car?"
It was not in the car and he just said "Ive been dipped in the airport"
You have to be so careful. An American tourist was stabbed with a screwdriver in Temple Bar.
A beggar asked him for money and he gave him some change.
Then he demanded more money for his friend before stabbing the American in the belly.
He finished his Irish holiday in hospital.

On credit cards, if you are going abroad ring the credit card provider and tell them.
If they see "Unusial activity" they will block your card as happened me in New York

Two Canadian women in the car and I asked them if the Prius was a big deal in Canada.
Our dealership had one with one million Kms on the clock, no big repairs, shock absorbers and wheel bearings.
A customer crashed it one day and wrote Bernie off and it was like loosing an old friend..

 A Great Great car.

Oh yes the French couple? They went to the pass machine in town and got 2x€20 notes and fair play to the guy he corrected me when I was giving him too much change.
I was giving the change of €50. When you go out of your way to help people they will be loyal.

Doing the tax like I do, all at the end of the year is a killer.

I promise to be a bit more German in the way I do it in future.


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