Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Strange beasts roam the land

A good few years ago I brought an English lady to the crossroads on Sundrive Rd.

On the way in I asked the usual question "What do you do for a living?"

She was a criminal psychologist specializing in murder.
She had done in depth interviews with most of the infamous criminals in the 20 years prior to our meeting.
One person who took his thoughts to the grave was Ian Brady the moors murderer who with Myra Hinley killed a large number of children in the late 60s, Myra did talk to her at length for many months, a dark and disturbing tale that haunted her for years.

We spoke about her subject in detail and then she asked me what I thought of these mass murderers.

I said that if there is a God then there must also be a Devil, whether the killers are mad, or deranged .
Evil stalks the land for sure.
She was giving a talk to a group of Garda and asked me to sit in. But I was young and the business was hopping.

I had a car with a really good radio and I was listening to it when they stopped the music for an urgent appeal. an infant 2 year old boy was taken out of a shopping center by 2 other children.

The toddlers body was found beaten to death on a railway track.
Jamie Bolger a 2 year old child beaten to death by 2 10 year old children The boys were just 10 years old.

Then here we have a 14 year old girl raped and murdered by 2 boys who were around 13 years old.
The boys in question thought that they were too young to be punished they scowled at the judge and ignored the court.
But they got life terms in prison.

A trial is coming up of 2 parents who beat starved and raped their children, I believe there are over 200 charges pending.

Taxi drivers notice things
Keep your eyes open and take note
You alone might notice something and just by reporting it the pain for that person might stop. 

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