Monday, November 04, 2019

HALFORDS A warning

I had a headlamp out and one of the side lights as well.
A guy on the rank told me to go to Halfords in Coolock.
So I decided to give it a go.

The girl on the till said €9 for the main bulb and €5 for the small one.

So I said go ahead. Will I pay you now?
No you pay at the end,

Job done and I went in to pay. "That is  €36.41"

Yes that's right and she showed me the bill

Small bulb      €4.20
Main bulb     €17.20
Fitting bulb    €9.00
Small bulb    €6.00
                   €0.01 (Free car check)
VAT            €6.81

Total           €36.41

€36.41 is a long way from €15 for sure.
Which might explain why she wouldn't take the cash before the work was done.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada.
I won't be making that mistake again any time soon.
This is the year when I plan to switch over our entire fleet of 4 cars to LED bulbs
A brighter and longer life bulb

An interesting guy in the car going to Clontarf.
He told me that a few lads in a pub tossed out the idea of selling rings on line, when the net was young..
It seemed like a bad idea but they got a guy in Australia to do them a website,
To get your ring size you wrapped a piece of string around your finger and that gave them your ring size.
They got rings from Lebanon and Turkey and with good photography it started to work really well

Then (Before Amazon etc) they got a call from her majesty's VAT department. They wanted to know how the business operated and were told that it spanned the globe, now many companies do just that, but the man from England stopped him talking.
You have two choices Cece and desist OR hire a team of lawyers and we will do battle.

So now I work in internet security.

He told me that that Princess in Nigeria would never send the the €6 million

Its a Pity that

I was talking to a friend who worked in security (As I once did) and told him of a guy who had attended a house after an alarm activation, he looked around found nothing wrong, set the alarm and locked the door.

The next day he was called into the office there was an engagement ring missing worth €32,000
and he must have stolen it.
The police quizzed him and he was left in a room to think about giving it back.
In work their most trusted employee was supervised and demoted to more menial tasks.
After a month or so he went back to the police station to see if there was any way of dealing with this problem.
He met the Garda who had quizzed him.

"Oh its all right.
They found the ring the next day
Did nobody tell you?" 

The older I get the more I become Larry David

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