Friday, June 11, 2021

Sometimes your heart breaks

 A dog killed a 2 month baby last week in Co.Cork.

The incident happened at 2 am just out of the blue.

Things like this are complicated, you need to introduce the child to the dog gently, slowly getting the dogs confidence. It is hard on the dog as well when he sees his master making a fuss of this new thing which came into the house.

Shit but it makes any of my problems seem like nothing for sure.

My life is starting to move forward.

I got my meter re calibrated so that I can move back to work when things pick up soon.

I have been painting and gardening for long enough.

My youngest son has found himself a great job. He is a driver for Amazon. For him it is really great as he covers the entire city. He is tougher than I thought he would be doing 10 hour days with no complaint finding his way around with goods from the great river.

He will fly through the taxi drivers exam in a few months, then I will retire.

When you see Amazon very often there is an arrow underneath, its called a swoosh and it shows that they have everything from A to Z. 

Clever marketing.

Ladies and Gentlemen keep an eye on your kids.

I found a spoon on the footpath outside the convent in Clontarf.

So what you might say.

It had burn marks on it. It had been used for cooking Heroin.

In the leafy suburbs of Clontarf and the upmarket Dalkey and Foxrock even in the inner city areas of Shirreff st and Grafton st. the city is awash with drugs.

Early on when I was driving a hackney I drove a guy around, on the phone and he lined up his orders in advance, out of the car and back in. Good areas.I suppose they had the money back then.

He looked at me at one point and said  

I didn't make these people take drugs,I only provide a service for them, and when I die there will be 10 other people to take my place.

Then after a while we drove into a house in Foxrock ( I still remember where it is)and when we were coming out again there were 2 kids waiting 10 and 8 He had something for them. 

I told him that it was way out of line. 

Its only Smarties. Which we all doubt.

If there is a God I hope that she gives him a long and painful death.

What people fail to understand is that criminals need taxis as the police would recognize their cars in a second and catch them.

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