Friday, June 25, 2021

Second in command is ready

My son has been driving for a few years and he still is penalty point free so he is taking another go at the PSV test. He failed it two times but now things are different for him.

He has been working as a delivery driver for Amazon and this has been quite a baptism of fire for him.

One side of the city right to the other 100 to 130 drops all over the place.

He loves it. A lot of the directions are on the SatNav but the experience has taught him a lot, he said that there is a few taxi drivers working there as well and they help each other out when they are out and about, its great to hear that.

So the book sales are very slow.(The steering wheel university by Paul Malone on Amazon) so I am going to do a talking book version, it will take a while.

I might have to get an actor to read it as most people hate the sound of their own voice.

Did you hear this one ?

"If the judge likes the sound of her own voice you will surely get a long sentence"

All in the future.Actors spend a lot of time in idle bliss and they might like the break.

When John Hubbard was young and could not drive I took him around with casting scripts.

A truly educational experience. I would go to the house and ring the bell, knock on the door.

"Nobody here." Kick the door he would reply. BANG BANG and the door would open 

"Why are you kicking my bloody door?" The face was instantly recognizable. 

John would shout out Greetings and the actor would change like the switch of a light. "Oh John How are you. Would you like a cup of tea "The actors were instantly known, very famous faces.

I often asked why they were just sitting at home "They are resting" was his answer.

John Hubbard and Stephen Spielberg (see the book) got together after I met him and did a movie called Lincon.

John and Stephen are both very clever people Johns skill to pick the right person for the part and Stephens ability to frame a great story.

Try and find Cinema Paradiso it is our favorite movie.

So in a month Jnr will take steering wheel and start his education.

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