Tuesday, June 01, 2021

1.5 million hits

 I just spotted on the stat counter that we have just had 1.5 million hits.

My oldest son would say "Thats a lot of bots Dad",

Give yourselves a good pat on the back.

Well done.

I will try and get a techie to show me how to put the photos and the videos back on the blog.

The old stat counter used to show me where the hits came from down to the street and the house number.

I often wonder what fascination a person in Moscow had with Dublin that they clocked in every time I updated the blog. 

Computers world is strange and wonderful ways.One guy told me not to rely on that Nigerian Princess who wanted to give me money. First of all she is probably not a woman at all and second the only money she would have would be your money. 

Take care and walk softly

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