Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Long haul, up and down

 So we have a new granddaughter, the drive up to see her is 2 hours and 2 hours back. After the trip I am fit for nothing. Still it is great to see your grandchildren and well worth the effort.

This morning I went out to work and I could not find my phone!

I had it and now it was gone. I rang it on the house phone, no ringing but on the line it was ringing .. So I went out like a hunter without his gun.Credit card payments are made through the phone.The apps on your phone bring work to you I am on Bolt which is slow enough but they only charge 10% as opposed to FreeNow charging 12.5%.

I have a lucky monkey in my bay window and when I give him a wave in the morning he looks after me. I picked up a lady on the N.Strand all the way to Sandyford. €25, what a start to my day, then on the was back to Connelly I got a Muslim lady going to a Covid testing center in the IMMI complex. I had stopped the meter when I arrived and I asked if I should wait and bring her back to Ringsend. So I waited and watched how things were unfolding in the car park. they were parked up 2 cars end to end then a vacant rank then 2 more. As the sections filled up the other earlier cars vacated the lot and they moved over. In around 15 minutes we were on our way. She had very little English and as we were near Sandymount village she pointed to the special needs school. "I have 2 kids at that school" I was glad at least that my fees were only €30 and did not include my waiting time.She was from Algeria.

Did you hear that a testing center in the UK has been closed down for giving too many negative results for positives ?.


This bloody thing. When will it end?

Did you ever think that it would be a problem owing a pub or  nightclub? Some people are born lucky.

Still owing a taxi that I cannot work to capacity is not the worst thing in the world, not like owning a shop and still having to pay rent.

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