Wednesday, November 03, 2021

Back to the ing thing.

 My wife started giving me grief about the Covid again. Even with a dividing screen and the fact that I am double jabbed I cannot risk the problems that would follow if I brought it home.

So I return to paint ing clean ing garden ing etc.

This also means that we cannot visit our 2 month grand daughter.

Anyhoo as they say in Canada I will be getting the next (Third) shot in 14 days.

I went into town by bus last night and went to something in a hotel close to O'Connell St.Boys oh Boys rows of shops boarded up. This will take years to rebuild all this for sure.

I was very lucky tonight, I almost won the Lotto. I just missed it by 6 numbers.

A great happy story on the news about a little girl who was abducted from a campsite in Australia.

I am reading the worst horror story ever about a girl who came from a very dysfunctional family and she was kidnapped by a Pakistani taxi driver and held captive for many years, she was starved, raped and beaten and now in the book she is pregnant, She was held captive for around 11 years from the age of 15.

We as taxi drivers must look for the signs but alas any time I reported it I was told that there was nothing that they could do. I makes me so mad.

I saw a girl arguing with a gangster one night. She was standing near the back of their BMW and one of the guys walked around behind her and sucker punched her. The swing was around 4 foot.I still believe to this day that he broke her neck like a matchstick.They threw her in the boot of the car.I was parked behind them and I dialed 112 the clown who answered said that they would not help. "Look I have the reg of the car, I am following it" Then his wonderful logic clicked in.

"Unless we get a missing persons report there is nothing we can do"

I am glad that I am an old man, I feel that there is a change coming, an ex superintendent who lives up the road from me was raided and he was taken away in handcuffs, drugs and cash were recovered. It is alleged that he was passing on information to drug gangs for years.

One of the main escort websites is owned and controlled by a Garda, When he set it up he was a serving member of the force. A few years ago he was making €i million per year.

Perhaps a new dawn is coming.

Don't hold you breath..

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